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Monday, November 18, 2013

Othman's birthday dinner

Othman's birthday is tomorrow, and last Friday his family had a nice dinner for him, since his sister Sarah is now out of town. Here's a picture report.

Napkins and place mats from the
a gift this summer from my family.

Rfissa, a Moroccan specialty of chicken 
and lentils over ripped up mlawimulti-
layered Moroccan pastry impossible to explain 
and so so good. Generally mlawi is eaten 
sweet and hot with honey or jam. 
My love and his mama.
Othman's 12-year-old brother, Omar


Dessert spread. The pie is a dark chocolate 
coconut tarte that I've been making for a few 
years now, especially for birthdays. It's always 
a hit. I'll post up the recipe at some point.

Flowering Jasmine tea with
Moroccan tea cups.

Happy early birthday my love!

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