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Monday, March 3, 2014

Moroccan carrot-orange salad

This Moroccan salad is a favorite of mine, and it's so versatile--it can be a side dish, as it is here, a dessert or even a breakfast! It's extremely healthy yet so delicious it feels somehow naughty.

-1 large carrot
-3 oranges
-a handful of golden raisins
-honey or sugar to taste (unneeded if your oranges are sweet)

Shred the carrot finely, either in a food processor or with the small holes of a grater. Squeeze the juice from the oranges in a medium bowl and combine everything. (Tip: I would very much recommend against using store-bought orange juice in this.) Best if covered and refrigerated at least 30 minutes before being eaten, but delicious freshly made as well. 

My chronic sinus infection flared up again last week and I was mostly horizontal for a couple of days. Othman made this for me and brought it on a tray to have as breakfast in bed on Sunday. He's a keeper. =] He made way more than I could eat, and when I was feeling a bit better the next day I put the rest in a little bowl to be photographed!

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