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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A little painted gift

For the past year and a half I've tutored two lovely French children who used to live in India. Their mom hired me to come see each of them once a week to ensure they don't lose their English. They attended an American school in India and the older one speaks fluently, so we mostly play games, read books, draw and the like. The younger one needs more structured lessons, but we still have lots of fun and he'a very sweet kid. Last Saturday he turned 9, so as a birthday present, remembering his two favorite colors and his favorite animal, I painted this for him. I planned on doing something a bit easier and simpler, but this is how it turned out. Othman drew it and I painted, and little Julien seemed really happy with the gift. His mom said the colors made it look very Indian too, which was a happy coincidence. They said they're even going to frame it! 
They might be heading back to France soon which will make me very sad, because I've grown quite attached to the kids, but at least Julien will have a tiger hanging in his room to remember me. =]


  1. That's so cool! What did you use?
    Othman is so good at drawing!

  2. you could have paid a little more attention to detail in the eyes, and the top of its head is too small...but other than that, GREAT! :)

    1. Yea the eyes got really messed up. Glad I have your overall approval lil Ms. Arty. =D