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Sunday, April 27, 2014

The story of the ring

Take a look at our wedding photos and you might notice something about where my wedding ring is:

The story why is a pretty good one. Way back a year before the wedding, my Grandma and Tom visited while Othman and I were both in South Dakota, to get to know him. They all hit it off fabulously. Grandma and I had a lot of good conversations during those few days, and we were all sad to see them head back to Dallas. A day or two after they left my Grandma called me, saying she had wanted to check that she still had them before she said anything to me, but that she had two old wedding rings and if I wanted I could take one for my own when the time came. I was beyond thrilled. She sent me pictures of both but didn't know their sizes, and we both decided we'd just see which was better when we saw each other next. 

Fast forward 11 months to the night before the wedding. We had a giant "rehearsal dinner" at the Brazilian restaurant in Sioux Falls, to which everyone from out of town was invited. We took up many, many tables in a large corner and it was just lovely to have everyone around for more than just one night. When Othman and I arrived most people were already sitting and eating, and we had a nice time making the rounds to talk to everyone. When we got to Grandma's table she pulled out a little ring box, and I stood above the happily munching table and tried on both rings. The first was a bit of a dud but the second was lovely--a thin and dainty wedding band with three rectangular diamonds, that matched a larger "engagement" ring that my aunt Sarah had taken when she got married. I fell in love with it... but it only fit on my fifth finger, not my fourth.

With little bro and his lovely lady.
The next morning my little brother's girlfriend, who graciously became the day-saving errand-girl on numerous occasions, ran to the priest before the ceremony to ask if it was okay that Othman put the ring on my pinky finger. About 10 minutes before walking down the aisle I got confirmation that there wasn't an issue. Phew! The wedding carried on as weddings do, until the moment Othman was to put the ring on my finger. His 12 year old brother, acting as best man, handed over the rings with an air of relief (a big job for a pre-teen!) and not long after, Othman got hold of mine. He was all smiles, but his hands, like mine, were a bit shaky, and definitely more sweaty than usual. Before he could slip the tiny band completely on my finger, it dropped to the ground and rolled off! I can't remember if he was laughing, but that definitely got a giggle out me! Luckily I spotted it quickly, right next to the priest's big black shoe, and after a chuckle on everyone's part we carried on as usual. As a friend of mine noted, it was a perfect way for everyone in the church to be reminded of the humanity of the moment. Yes we were up to some pretty heavy stuff, but despite the solemnity of the task at hand were were all just friends and family gathered together to celebrate love.

Back when I was the only granddaughter!
Afterwards my Grandma confided to me that she thought Othman's fumble wasn't all that accidental. My Grandpa Mike, who died many years ago, bought that ring for Grandma, with help from my 7 year old dad, once he could afford something nicer than her original plain wedding band. I had a special relationship with my Grandpa, loved him fiercely and think about him often. I really wish he could have been there that day. Grandma thinks when it came time, he may have nudged Othman a bit, saying "Hey, remember what you're doing here, and remember she's my granddaughter." He was always a bit of a jokester, and that'd be just his style. Though I wish Othman could have met him, I like to think he was with us there in spirit.

Othman has a old friend here in Casablanca who became a jeweler and works with his father. He came over a couple of weeks ago, took the measurement of my finger and took my ring along with him. I didn't see it again until he came over today, with this wonderful surprise:

Absolutely nothing was changed except for the size of the ring, and the fact that it's cleaner, shinier and more polished than it was before. He understood it held sentimental value and took care that nothing, from a small engraving on the side to its tapered shape, was altered. I'm so happy to have it back, and to feel so official!! My wedding ring couldn't be more perfect, and was a lovely gift. Thank you Grandpa, Grandma, and Othman for your love, and this sign of it!

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