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Saturday, November 29, 2014

A late birthday report

This week has been one of the busiest in a while (I guess that happens the week after vacation) so I'm only uploading these pictures of Othman's birthday now! When he got home on the 19th he had this view:

Having the week off I had all sorts of time to prepare a great birthday evening for him! Many times he's gotten me elaborate many-item gifts, but I usually opt for one bigger thing for him. Maybe it's because he's so hard to shop for! One way or another this year I wanted to out-do him, and had the time to for once. I think I succeeded, even if quite a few of the gifts were just little jokes, they put a smile on his face!

He has had an ridiculous workload and amount of stress at his job for the past couple months, and I knew his day at work wasn't going to be the most celebratory. I wanted to make sure the time he spent at home was full of love and surprises!

I made his gift opening a game and he had to match the description with the correct gift before he could open them, and though it took a few tries he did better than I expected!

For his cake I made my go-to chocolate cake recipe I've posted about before, which is one we didn't feel tooooo bad about eating too much of!

We went out for a really nice Chinese dinner that night and just enjoyed a quiet evening in each other's company.

That weekend we went out to a French Creperie with his family and a couple of good family friends. His mom surprised both of us with this AMAZING cake that she made and decorated!! It definitely beat mine beauty-wise! 

I loved the little turtle family she made, and the pond is just the cutest touch. I couldn't eat the cake but from the little bit I tasted it was delicious! The owner of the restaurant and its chef were duly impressed and even asked Othman's mom if she had a bakery of her own!

We were all successful in making Othman's birthday great, now here's to making his last year of twenty-hood even better!

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