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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy birthday to my love

Warning: this is a picture heavy post!! 

Today is my lovely husband's birthday, and for this special day I wanted to focus on the two of us throughout the years... we've traveled to three continents together, had two weddings, and shared so many adventures and smiles. These pictures can say it better than I can, so without further ado, here is the hubby I love so much, 2010-2014, who keeps getting older, but not looking older!

2010: France, Mayotte, Morocco, USA


2011: Morocco


2012: Morroco, USA, Morocco

2013: Morocco, USA, France

2014: Morocco

Happiest of birthdays to you lovey, and here's hoping that the next four years together are just as wonderful and wonder-filled as the last four. Je t'aime.

(Looking through this I've realized this post could alternatively be called "Othman's hair--how long is it now??" Hehehe.)


  1. Love it, love it, love it !!!!! Where and when was the occasion in the photo of an elaborate confection (cake?) with a bridge/groom on top? Amazing! Othman is using his tailored wedding suit!

    1. It was in France at our wedding celebration in December 2013! It was a French family reunion/party for us and it was lovely. The elaborate confection thing is a bunch of cream puffs stuck together with sugar syrup-- it's a French style wedding cake!

  2. A belated parabens pra voce Othman!