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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Poetry, voice-overs, mysteries and flowers

What an interesting Valentine's day!

It started out with teaching my class of 9-11 year olds about poetry, and having my boss attend too as the class was my formal observation for the term. We talked about rhyming poetry and acrostic poetry (see pic below) and they even practiced how to read poetry aloud! I meant to take pictures of all their work, but we ran out of time. I was able to snap this picture though:

Another student chose to write rhyming poem, and his adorable paper featured this:

I love you mom
you are beautiful like flower
I love you dad
you are my superhero power

It was beyond cute, and the boy who wrote it is just the sweetest thing. I hope his parents like it as much as I did!! 

After that I had a long break before my next class, and ended up getting picked up by Othman and meeting the two founders of Pages (which I've talked about before here and of which I am now the official MC during the events) to record a description of it I wrote. I used it to introduce the last event and they liked it so much that they're using it as the voice over for their forthcoming promotional trailer! Stay tuned for that!

After that I taught a class of 13-14 year olds who had the task of writing mystery stories as a project and not only did they do amazing job with the complicated grammar (past perfect and past modals of deduction anyone?) but also their topics ranged from El Chupacabra to the Bermuda Triangle. I have creative students that make teaching on Saturdays not all that bad!

Then Othman picked me up bearing all these goodies, knowing full well I had nothing for him and told him to get me nothing!

He said the pen (which is actually a funky erasable multi-color crayon) could be from me to him, since I told him to get himself something from me while he was out. I guess that works! ;p

Now we're off to eat Chinese! Happy Valentine's day to everyone!

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  1. Claud, you said "me" instead of "be" .
    You're welcome.