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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Photographing a high school senior

Today and yesterday I had the exquisite pleasure of taking senior pictures for one of my sister Maria's best friends. For you non-Americans, we have a tradition of doing photoshoots with students in their last year of high school to commemorate the end of an era. I really love the tradition, because it captures kids at a very special but sometimes overlooked time of their life. However, photoshoots with professional photographers can really break the bank. So when I was a senior in high school, I had a couple friends take my photos and was really happy with them. That meant that when Katie asked me earlier this month to take her senior pictures for her I was first of all happy to pay it forward, and secondly just thrilled since I knew how fun it would be. 
(Spoiler: I wasn't disappointed.) 

My sister Maria and Katie have been friends since they were 7, and I've joked that she's my "adopted sister" for many many years by now.

And this girl is just beautiful. I mean with a smile like this:

and eyes like that:

what more could you hope for in a model??

Last night we walked to a nearby campground to take those outdoor evening pictures, then this morning we strolled in tiny downtown Brookings and ended up finding lots of beautiful backgrounds.

And even some that weren't especially beautiful themselves, but made good backdrops.


She was all sorts of fun but also super chill throughout the shoot, which made for some really nice pictures.

And WOW those big blue eyes just awe me.

Thanks Katie for giving me the opportunity to photograph you! Hope your last year of high school is everything you want it to be. 

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