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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Photographing those college kids

As I mentioned in the previous post, my sister Isabel, who is between her sophomore and junior years of college, visited with two friends of hers this past weekend. She actually just came to pick up the car she's taking for the year, but we'll pretend it was to see her family. We had bunches of fun meeting her friend Katie, and new man, Matt! 

We took lots of walks and naps and pictures throughout the few days they were here. I didn't mean to do a photoshoot with them or anything, but during a potluck my parents held on Sunday there was great lighting for photos, so I grabbed my camera. Lil sis number two, Maria, was my lovely and faithful assistant, doing essential things like holding my beer and the camera's lens cap.

Katie was all sorts of fun and made this house vibrate with positivity— plus we all enjoyed her "Oh Mama-Braga!" comments directed at our mom.

The whole family loved Matt, who let me try playing his French Horn (and was very patient with my honkings) and was nice enough to say I have some natural talent for horn playing! Maybe I'll take up the bugle someday.

And, well, they're adorable, right?


Isa and Katie are roommates in a big off campus house this year and I'm so happy that my sister is surrounded by such good people. College seems so far away by now (I was blown away realizing that I graduated from college before Matt, who is a year older than Isa, even graduated high school. Yikes I'm old.) and I'm just happy she's been having such a fantastic college experience. Good friends make all the difference.

To end, I'll quote Katie. "I'm loving this Braga-Henebry lifestyle. Work hard, play hard, sleep hard, eat like you mean it." Yep Katie, that pretty much sums us up!

Bonus picture, entitled "The Yogi and the Sun Goddess":

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