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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Two photoshoots on campus

In this post I'm combining two photoshoots I did, both not even a week before I left the USA. Both took place on the campus of South Dakota State University, which provided a great location for both building and greenery backgrounds. It's interesting how although we went to many of the same places, the pictures didn't turn out very similar at all.

The first bunch of pictures are of the lovely Sheila:

She's the daughter of a colleague of my dad's and a friend of my mom's. I have to say I definitely felt a certain kinship with her given that she's also half Brazilian!

She was so natural and easy going right from the very beginning of the photoshoot. It ended up being a pretty short one since I had gotten so many good pictures we simply didn't need to continue!

Though these look like senior pictures, Sheila will only be a junior this year, though you'd never know it from her poise and elegance. 

I look forward to seeing her again the next time I'm in the US!

These next photos are of a beautiful family: Ukrainian Val (another colleague of my father's), Brazilian Paolla, and their sweet little boy.

Plus a bonus family member!

Little Igor was extremely active, running all over in the wide open spaces, but he was so joyful while doing so that it was simply adorable.

Family love is such a beautiful thing to capture! Thank you Val and Paolla for letting me document your growing family!

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