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Friday, October 16, 2015

A party fit for a prince

 Last Sunday Othman and I attended a party in honor of his cousin Hind's first baby. Little Jalil, now 6 months old, is the first in his generation of babies, and was the prince of the party! I had certainly never been to such a party before, so for those of you not familiar with Moroccan culture this will be an interesting post!

From the very beginning there was a band playing, and the aunties clapped and danced to the music...

along with the proud new grandma!

I took a moment to snap a few family photos of O with his two siblings...

and with his sister and mom!

Around the room, the finery was fine,

and there were waiters and videographers and a full, live band.

Pretty soon Hind and Othmane (same name, different spelling, different guy) paraded in with baby Jalil.

Momma and baby looked amazingly relaxed and at ease as they were carried on the shoulders of four women who danced as they paraded in front of the many guests.

Layers and textures underneath the above scene:

I love this sweet mother-son moment:

The little boys watched entranced...

while more dancing and clapping ensued...

This little princess had the time of her life...

but her more timid cousin wasn't quite as impressed.

Little Jalil shared a few special moments with his great-grandfather,

and the little family posed with Hind's twin siblings.

We wish all health and happiness to this beautiful little family!

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