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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Portraits of a 10 month old

A week ago Jessica and Noor came over to spend Sunday afternoon. I made a yummy stir-fry for lunch, garnished with basil leaves from the little plant I'm growing in a pot outside my window! (More on that in a future post.) She brought a nice dessert and later on Othman ran downstairs to buy some baby wipes and with them brought up fresh doughnuts, Moroccan-style, so basically we just ate all day.

As usual we had a lovely time chatting the afternoon away, and being endlessly entertained by Noor, who is now ten months old! I hadn't photographed him in a while so I got out the camera to take some black and white portraits.

This is his concentrated face, he's a smart little thing and Othman, who sees him less than I do, had a lot of fun playing with him.

I love how good Othman is with our favorite baby. They're cute lil buddies.

Life is brighter with friends around.

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