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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Apple roses and Star Wars

Last weekend Othman and I had our friends Gioia and Driss over, which happens pretty often, but as we took pictures this time it merits a blog post! First they came over for dinner, for which I made my owntake on my mom's famous coconut fish dinner (basmati rice with tilapia filets cooked with leeks, fresh mushrooms, and coconut milk. Yummmmmmm). Gioia said she'd bring dessert, which was great. I was expecting something... well... normal... like a simple cake or ice cream or something. But then she shows up with to tupperwares full of little pastries I immediately recognized:

We ate the prettiest ones first, because of course, but I was able to take a picture of this one the next day before we gobbled it down. Not only did she make all of it (including the dough) from scratch, but they were even vegan! Way to go Gioia. Delish.

After dinner we headed out to the IMAX theater to finally watch the movie my family has been bugging us to see for more than a month:

(Yes I made Othman wear the shirt. But momwe hadn't realize you gave him a shirt featuring the ugly bad guy! What meaning lies behind that???)

Othman and I liked the movie a lot, though having grown up on Star Wars I think I appreciated it a tad bit more than he did, haha. One way or another it's always lovely to spend quality time with good friends!

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