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Monday, July 11, 2016

Farewell for now!

 A lot has happened in the past month! So much that time to blog has been nonexistent. I finished my time at Casablanca American School and said some very bittersweet goodbyes, Ramadan has come and gone, and I've moved to the US! I start my new job tomorrow and am very nervous and excited. But leaving Morocco, and my life and friends wasn't easy, especially given that I had to leave Othman there too, until his Green Card gets approved. So in the days and weeks leading up to my recent departure I made lots of time for those I love!

We hosted friends at our place for many Ramadan lftours (breaking of the fast for Muslims, when the sun goes down). It was lovely to spend calm evenings together talking about the past and future. Here's an example of one of our Ramadan spreads, complete with lentil salad, vegetable soup, chocolate cake, French pastries, and smoked salmon toast!

Two days before I left Othman and I gathered many friends at the newly installed Chili's in Casablanca for a farewell dinner/lftour. This picture didn't quite get everyone in it, as many people came and went throughout the many hours we spent there. It was such a wonderful night, filled with friendship and conversation and love and good food of course! It made me so grateful for the friends I've made in Morocco, and while it was hard to say goodbye I know I'll be back and will be seeing them soon enough!

Knowing I wouldn't see my husband for many months made getting on the plane last week very, very difficult. So the night before and at the airport we took bunches of pictures together... some sillier than others!

Goodbyes are hard, but these goodbyes are not forever, and I'm excited for what's to come!

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