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Friday, January 10, 2014

Fish fish fish

I went back to work this week, and though I've been to busy to post, last Sunday I took some pictures with this post in mind of a wonderful dinner Othman and I made together.

Although Casablanca is on the coast we eat far too little seafood from day to day, and this meal was an attempt to keep up the fish intake! We got this beautiful fish from a shop that specializes in fresh seafood, owned by a favorite of Othman's uncles. For those of you in Casa, Poissonnerie Marisco is around the corner from the Velodrome Carrefour Market. Their fish is super fresh, the shop is very clean and it all comes at an affordable price-- cheaper than any of the grocery stores. They'll even deliver! We've never been disappointed with the food or the service, and I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Ready to go in the oven, rubbed with olive oil and
stuffed with lemon slices, fresh mushrooms and
herbs (dill, parsley and cilantro). 

Boiled new potatoes with butter and herbs. Yummm.

Polish miseria salad, an absolute favorite of mine since rediscovering
 it this summer when our Polish pseudo-relatives came for the wedding.
 I was convinced I found the recipe on this blog and just spent many more
 minutes than I should have rereading Nichole's posts (like this one, a favorite
 of mine coincidentally posted on my birthday last year). While apparently
 she didn't supply the recipe, I grew up with her mother in law's version,
and while mine isn't quite up to par, it's still delish.

Fresh mushrooms sauteed with butter and red wine.

Ready to eat! Not quite as pretty now, but much more tasty.

Homemade, easy, delicious and GAPS-friendly dinner, along
with some fancy french mustard. Doesn't get much better than this.


  1. Congratulations! The food truly looks fantastic!

  2. Polish pseudo-relatives...I love it :) all of the food looks delicious, not just the mizeria!

  3. I'd say quasi-relatives. Thanks U for the correct spelling!

  4. How did I just see this?? Looks amazing, Claudia!