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Saturday, January 4, 2014

From a French chateau...

Remember the chateau overlooking St. Céré? Well Leny and the girls took Othman and I on a walk around it one afternoon. In the wintertime it's not open for visitors to see inside... so yet another reason for us to visit in the summer.

Looking up...

Still looking up... but craning our necks this time!
Makes me think of Beauty and the Beast
crossed with Middle Earth. 
Admiring the view! 
Othman with the scarf my mom made him
for Christmas.
There has been some recent renovation work on the castle,
but much of the original still stands!
Emma was a cute tour guide!
The opposite of the first picture-- looking down onto St. Céré.
Emma was really excited about the little
cave, but then was anxious to get out as
soon as she went in!
The outskirts of St. Céré.
Two messengers telling the slowpoke photographer to hurry up.
There were some men doing maintenance work around,
so we were able to get a peek inside.
One happy hiker.
Brave guy!
The tree the maintenance guys had just
 cut down was beautiful, even in pieces. 
Farmhouses and woods.
Such a beautiful place!
 As an added bonus Leny took us driving to see another castle close by. This one we couldn't get near to, as it's private property and apparently people actually live there. This one is more Beauty and the Beast crossed with Downton Abbey!! 

Right in front of this one was a big golf
course. Lucky golfers if you ask me!

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