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Saturday, May 3, 2014

The best package in years

A couple days ago Othman and I got a package from my mom, and what a package it was! Full of Easter goodies and practical gifts, it was partly a package of necessity, partly an Easter package and I even consider it kind of a birthday package since we ended up getting it just a week before my birthday. 

On her recent trip to Brazil I asked my mom to grab me a pair of very simple Havaianas to replace the old ones I have that broke after many many years of use. What she sent were really cute and fancier ones for me, and a pair for Othman too! He actually needed some beach sandals and these are much nicer than the ones we might have gotten here!

You may notice the black thing--a potato masher I requested!
They're so useful and I haven't seen them on sale here.
All the Easter chocolate was well-received as well, because it's been years since I've had a chocolate bunny, and Othman hadn't had one since he was a kid! His very fancy Ferrero-Rocher bunny kind of exploded in the package (due to it being hollow) but it was all eaten up nonetheless, and luckily the package never was hot enough for the pieces everywhere to melt. We're taking the mini chocolate eggs to his family's house tomorrow, which works out well since it'll be his mom's birthday too. Yum yum yum!

While we love everything that came in the package, and are so grateful to my family for sending it, this bit may be the best item of all:

Littlest sister Tessie has always been an artist, but she really has just been getting better and better and better, it astounds us! This watercolor she did was based on this photo: 

and I'm pretty sure I prefer my 13-year-old sister's rendering to the original! Beautifully done Tess, thanks so much!!

It's always nice to receive a little bit of home, and I don't think I'll ever grow too old for care packages. Though this one was spurred on by the need for my special eczema body wash that I had run out of, it ended up being a really wonderful goody bag! Thank you so much mom! 

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