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Saturday, May 31, 2014

May smorgasboard

 Aaaaand now onto other happenings of May which I failed to mention thus far:

1) Dad and I have always shared a love of carrot cake, and mom and the girls treated him to this lovely one on the 13th, which I'm definitely jealous of!

2) Little brother Gus graduated with a BA in Classical Philology... pretty impressive. Congrats!!

With Grandma, Tom and 4 of 6 siblings present.

3) His college was down in Texas, so when the fam traveled down for the graduation they also stopped by Uncle Dave aka Critterman's house where animal-loving littlest sis had some fun with his menagerie!

I have many similar pics, though
I never got one with the albino
 snake! Lucky Tess!

2014, with Thomas...

...and 2006, also with Thomas, but with a different turtle I think.

4) They also attended our cousin's highschool graduation. Congrats Brenna!!

5) Bia got confirmed and took this beautiful picture with her best friends. She has some really lovely friends!

6) On May 4th it was my mother-in-law's birthday and on the last Sunday of May it was French mother's day, so May is a generally good month for her! Felicitations belle-mere!!

Not a super recent photo, but a nice one I took and edited.

7) French mother's day was also the day of my choir concert. Othman and his sister Sarah took their mom to the concert, as a nice mom+adult kids outing. It worked out that although I know many people that went (including colleagues and students), no one ended up taking a nice picture, or any pictures! This one snapped on Othman's phone was the best I could get my hands on. But it's ok because when YouTubes go up I'l be sure to post them here!

8) My cousin John-Michael, pictured here with his lovely girlfriend, graduated as well this month down in Phoenix, and is now officially a Doctor of Pharmacy! A huge congrats to him for all his hard work!  

With our Albuquerque relatives!

9) Little sis Isabel finished up her first year of college! With super-mom and super-Thomas' help she went from this:

to this:

in the space of a few hours, then headed home for the summer!

10) Last but not least my little sisters celebrated getting their passports, so they can visit Morocco in August!! A super exciting event, definitely worthy of celebratory milkshakes.

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