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Saturday, January 31, 2015

A work in progress...

Wanting to start a new project I recently organized my painting materials and had to laugh about how many paintbrushes I somehow ended up with... at least they're useful!

I was prompted to organize my painting stuff because I was looking for a protractor I had bought recently, which was nowhere to be found. I did end up finding it and definitely made use of it as I designed this mandala. Designing it was fun— I didn't have a clear goal in mind when I started making it, but just went with what felt right. I love the result.

I'm painting on a hard-backed canvas given to me by my sister Isabel this summer. I've been waiting to feel ready to tackle a big project before using it. Generally I just paint on acrylic paper and it's nice to have something more substantial!

I've been deliberating on color schemes for this mandala, since that's the next step. I haven't figured out what I want for it yet, but I'm excited to continue! Maybe I need to start a new audio book for inspiration!

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  1. Can't wait for you to adventure into representational painting... you are so talented and you love it! Your own photos would be perfect for that-- like one of the photos from this post?