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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our turtle collection

Othman and I got back last night from a short trip to the north of Morocco. We needed a small vacation and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves staying in small but beautiful Assilah and visiting Tangier. It was my first time in both places and only my second time in the north, and it was lovely. I will be posting about the trip in the days/weeks to come but for now wanted to share two of the souvenirs we bought:

We both love turtles and tortoises and a while back I was gifted the figurine of a turtle. Othman's mom gave me a few more and said I should start a collection. Other than a rock collection I loved as a kid (and still have in a box at my parent's house!) I've never collected anything on purpose, but I decidedwhy not! (It also serves the purpose of being an easy gift for anyone to get me, haha.)

These turtles come from all sorts of places other than Tangier. One is from the Brookings Art Museum, another from its antique shop, then there's one from a keychain from India my dad gave me years ago, the tall one in the back is from the streets of Santa Fe via my mom, one is from a Christmas market in Toulouse, and the list goes on! About half were gifts and the other half we bought ourselves. I just need one from Brazil to complete my four continents! I love the stories behind them and their provenance, and their variety of shapes, sizes and colors—plus they make my bookshelf look cute.

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