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Monday, June 29, 2015

You know you're home in the US when...

...the huge South Dakota sky greets you with beautiful skyscapes,

that constantly change.

...giant baskets of candy greet your supermarket entryway.

...this is your parents' new house, long-awaited and more perfect than anyone dared to hope for.

...this is the place where you learn of the existence of strawberry salsa, make it, and almost die from the pleasure of being able to eat salsa for the first time in five years! get a haircut for the first time in two years and a lil sis does a before and after pic. (My hair in the after picture is a bit funky but hey, it happens.)

...this is where you eat breakfast.

...your breakfast is the best yogurt ever, the best honey ever, blackberries and strawberries,

including a homemade latte made with frothed almond milk. Mm mm delish.

...this gorgeous dining room is your current workstation,

and this is your inspiring view!

I'm so incredibly happy and thankful to be home for two months this summer!! I've been extremely busy up to now with daily walks around our new historic neighborhood, garage sale-ing, taking tons of pictures with phones and cameras, including of visiting Isabel and her friends (stay tuned for that!), doing tons of summer reading, and of course eating delicious food. It's gonna be one good summer.

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