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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Studies and paintings

Lately when I paint I've been making studies before I paint on the canvas, to give me guidance and help me with my choices. It's been working pretty well, aiding me to go from an idea to a polished final product. 

This study I did at when painting with a friend a while back, experimenting with different techniques in order to know what worked and looked best. (O added the pencil sketches as an idea.)

The final result is one of my favorite paintings I've ever done. I'm not sure why I love it so much, but I do!

A couple of weeks ago I read in some corner of the internet that master American painter Georgia O'Keeffe painting not only her famous (infamous?) flowers and skulls, but also landscapes. I hadn't ever known that, so I googled to learn more, and came across this painting.

I simply fell in love with it; the layers and colors and surrealism just drew me in. I showed it to Othman who immediately said "You should paint one like that! You could do something really cool with it." I agreed, and not long after made this study, aiming not to copy but to make something inspired by the original.

Last Sunday and this morning I worked on the largest canvas I've ever painted on (it's still not huge but mine are usually smaller than a printer paper, while this one is significantly bigger), and this came out.

The colors look more smooth in real life, but the camera makes them look kind of choppy.

Thank you Ms. O'Keeffe!!

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