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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Maria of all trades (and master of all!)

To the sister who has written two entire novels just for fun, who has competed in the national Scripps spelling bee, who plays both organ and piano magnificently, who sings in multiple honor choirs, who draws, who letters, who paints, who is learning her third foreign language, and who is just all around amazing:

Happy 17th birthday!! 

With all those accomplishments one would think you'd be twice your age... or perhaps straight out of a Jane Austen novel!

You're a fabulous little sister, and I love bragging about you, maybe even almost as much as mom does! I got that opportunity todayin your honor this sister of yours (who can never even remember how to spell receive let alone "pfeffernuss") volunteered to judge the spelling bee at school! Seeing how stressful it was for the students I was even more proud of you than before. 

I love you and am so thankful you were born 17 years ago!!

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  1. Of all of her siblings, dearest Claudia, you were the one who most helped me with your baby sister--I especially remember you rocking her in our rental when we moved to Lincoln... listening to Baby Baroque! :-)