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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

International Women's Day

Yesterday was International Women's Day, which is a pretty big deal outside of the US. Here in Casa women were offered free movie tickets, deals at stores, prizes, flowers and so on all around the city. Of course the commercial aspect isn't the important part of the day, but rather celebrating all that women do and recognizing their contribution to society. However, I work at an American school, so it was just a routine day for us one way or another, which I found a bit disappointing since there is so much to be said for this day.

But then I got home later that evening to this display from my lovely husband:

After explaining that all the chocolate was because he forgot to get flowers (oh he knows me well!), he proceeded to bake me a French-style strawberry pie! Given the ingredients, it's basically a cheesecake with a pie crust underneath and strawberries on top, and wow is it delicious! I especially love the artistry he displayed in its assembly:

Thank you Othman, for being a lovely, thoughtful husband, and taking the time to make me feel special!

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