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Thursday, March 31, 2016

New friends!

If you ask me, making a new friend as an adult is a feat worth celebrating. Long gone are the days when making friends was as easy as asking someone to play or showing up to hang out in a dorm room. Instead, it takes work and often a fair amount of awkwardness at first. On top of that, it's been hard for me to find like-minded people while living abroad. So though I may sound juvenile or cheesy, I'm really quite happy to have made a new friend, who happens to live in my neighborhood and also happens to have a gorgeous little baby! We met through a random chain of events, and soon I invited Brooke to stroll on over for tea. She brought along her little bundle of joy, much to my delight!

If you know me, you know I adore babies. So between bites of cookies and sips of tea and lots of great conversation, finding connections and sharing experiences, of course I couldn't help but snap some shots of little Jude!

I love this photo of mother and son! 

Thankful for friends, thankful for smiles, and thankful for the ability to record them! Stay tuned for an upcming family photoshoot!

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