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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Coloring fun

Casablanca's annual book fair happened a few months ago and Othman and I got it together enough make it there this year (usually we find out about the dates a few days/weeks after it's finished). It's a massive affair and for this girl who gets anxious in crowds it's quite an ordeal. This time we managed to make it in and out, shoving our way through the masses of people, in under 45 minutes, so that made the adventure less overwhelming. What did we buy? Oh not much... just $40 worth of coloring books! 

One was a gift for a friend, two are for painting that I've only experimented with so far, and I got this mandala coloring book that I've been loving. Working on one of these as I watch a show is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon.

I've had fun playing with different color combinations, as that's one thing I know I need to work on with my art; I have a hard time knowing what matches and how many colors to put. The fact that I'm coloring all of these with only a 12-pack of Crayola colored pencils limits my choices and makes things easier.

Forgive the lopsidedness of these pictures it's hard to photograph a book that barely stays open! 

If you've ever thought about buying an "adult" coloring book but haven't made the plunge yet,  I'd recommend going for it. You may find it fun, relaxing and rewarding like I do, or at worst if you decide coloring isn't for you, you'll be able to hand it off to a friend or coworker who does enjoy it and they'll like you all the more!

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