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Sunday, April 10, 2016

It's National Siblings Day!

What to say? I have the best siblings! We're all so different and unique and bring different things to our family to make a whole.

Patrick: the engineer. gets really excited about dorky things. ubersmart. the generous one. makes us laugh like crazy. 

Gus: the linguist. the social butterfly. laid-back. enjoys the good things. guitarist # 1. unfailingly cheerful.

Thomas: the geo-genius. the quiet one. guitarist # 2. the workhorse of the family. always steady. the gamer.

Isabel: the piano virtuoso. naturally-good-at-everything-but-you-somehow-can't-hate-her-for-it. the leggy one. master of efficiency. future best teacher ever.

Maria: the philosopher. the writer. the singer-pianist-organist. thoughtful. helpful. the (other) steady one.

Tessie: the artist. the teenager. the (other) one who gets really excited about dorky things. the guarder of colors. Dr. Doolittle.

We really are a patchwork of talents and passions and beauty! I love you and miss you alljust because I'm far doesn't mean I don't think about you every single day. See you this summer!!

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