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Saturday, April 2, 2016

An afternoon at the beach

Last Sunday Othman and I ventured off with Gioia and Driss to a beach outside of Casablanca that we hadn't been to in years. First we filled up on lots of fresh fish at a busy little restaurant by the port, then we drove off and found the entrance to the beach we wanted. We parked behind a row of houses and walked up the path, the sound of the waves getting louder each moment. We paused for a moment for a photo.

This next picture is ridiculously over exposed but I find it too cute not to include! These two are such good friends and Gioia and I just love that.

The majority of the time we just relaxed, enjoying the sun and the view while lying around.  

But we also wandered about and found some cool stuff:

Othman and Driss made a game of throwing pebbles, trying to hit off the smallest top rock of the construction below. There ended up being many incarnations and rounds of the game! I'm not sure I ever won though, oops.

One rock even turned into a big project: Othman found this one and got an idea... 

So he and Driss planned...

Went to work...

And voila the final product!! It's sitting in our living room now and never fails to make me smile! Othman has been a lover of everything-dinosaur since he was a kid, and it shows!

A little while later, Driss took some nice pictures of us girls; thanks Driss!

Eventually the wind picked up and the sun's heat weakened, and it was time to go. But not before getting some group pictures!

The day was the exact mix of fun and relaxation that we all needed!

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