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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Senior Photoshoot: Sheila

Last weekend I had a session with Sheila, who is the daughter of my dad's colleague and is half-Brazilian, just like me! I did a really quick photoshoot with her last year, and this year she contacted me asking me to take her senior photos, which I was really excited about, especially with my new lens on order. Tessie and Maria came along as my assistants, which was fun, especially because they see her at school. We had a fun and successful photoshoot!

We loved her map shirt from Brazil, which meant a lot to her, especially because she travels a lot.

At first we wandered around downtown, which has some lovely backgrounds.

The whole shoot was relaxed and had a great feel.

After that we went to the Nature Center close to town for some more outdoorsy pictures. Sheila swims competitively and she wanted a picture in her swimming jacket next to the water.

Throughout the night I captured some really lovely shots, and was so pleased!

She was such a great model, and we had so much fun all together!

The next day I shot Maria and friendsstay tuned for that!

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