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Friday, July 11, 2014

Chi with sibs!

There has been some blog silence lately... but that's because I had some week long travels to this place:

My first stop in the US was Chicago, where I stayed with big brother Patrick and lil sis Isabel met us for a fun sibling few days! Pap is a wonderful big bro and took us to a super nice Sushi/French (...?) restaurant. The food came with instructions! Isa and I loved it. See our happy faces??

We even all got dressed up! 

She requested a Chi-photo shoot (I need a new profile picture!) and I happily agreed, so we wandered and shopped and photoed!

Isn't she pretty??

We even snuck in a halfway decent picture of me in there:

This one is her favorite, very city-like and glamorous:

I love her skeptical face:

Later on we met up with big brother outside the Sears tower or whatever they call it now, because that's where he works. They then got a train to spend the 4th in Milwaukee and I headed down to visit friends in South Bend-- more of which you'll see next post!

Awwww sibs. ^___^

Next post-- the 4th!

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