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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Someone was talking to me recently about my yearly visit home, and asked why I come so regularly and for so long. The answer was immediate and very true: I come home for my sisters. Isa is 7 years younger than me, Bia 10 years, and Tessie is 12 years younger... if I don't make the effort to be here for them now, then I'm gonna lose out big time on having real relationships with my sisters. I don't want superficial relationships with them, and infrequent Skype chats + occasional emails are not enough to foster deep bonds. So summertime comes and I turn into a kid again under my parents' roof, eating mom's homemade dinners, shopping, getting ice cream, and tanning, all without a care in the world take up most of my days here. Well scratch that no-cares part, but basically I come home to have fun. Not for my benefit but for OUR benefit. Cuz I love those sisterlies of mine, and I want them to love me back, not as some idea of a sister in a far-away land, but as a very real person, who steals clothes from them, annoys them, can be counted on for a bra-shopping partner and does all those other great things sisters do.

At Applebee's, where I could bother waitress-Isa with my food
allergies and not feel bad at all!

Today, on a trip an hour South to Sioux Falls.


Bia and I don't work in the garden, but we can pose cutely in front of it!

That last game, before we started crying....

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