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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just a walk in the park

Bia, Tess and I took a walk after dinner today (during which I got to eat Domino's gluten free pizza--having a REAL pizza for the first time in years was amazing) and they showed me a cute little playground they walk to sometimes. It was an adorable place and we had all sorts of fun on the elementary school equipment, while of course taking pictures thanks to an old iPhone.

I love how long sunset/twilight is here! The perks of living far from the equator...

I've always LOVED playgrounds and really miss them in Morocco, so I had all sorts of fun climbing and remembering how much of a monkey I used to be.

 It was warm and muggy today, but lovely out.

Swings have always been my favorite. Tessie and I had a competition to see who good go higher... Bia judged me the winner.

My view from atop the spiderweb.

Another fun sisterly evening.

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