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Sunday, September 14, 2014

New beginnings!

A bad picture of my new glasses! I love them. The old ones were so scratched I could barely see out of the left eye anymore. New glasses to begin a new school year!

Here's a better picture, with Othman's cousin Camelia before she left to go back to Belgium. We had a nice outing at Morocco Mall, chatting a lot, and I was able to enjoy the calm before the storm.

"What storm?" you may ask. Well the blog has been silent for the past week because I've been working from about 8:30 am to midnight solid every day getting ready for my first day teaching Kindergarten tomorrow! I'm actually in charge of the entire Pre-K and K section, and while our class sizes are extremely small there has been an enormous amount to do getting the classrooms, nap room, play room etc ready. Not to mention creating the schedule, meeting with other teachers, staff and parents, and just planning my own class! Here's hoping tomorrow goes as well as it can, and expect some pictures soon!! 


  1. Good luck teacher! I'm sure the kids will love you! <3

  2. How exciting! And I thought you wouldn't start until October! It will be wonderful, lovey!