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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sisters, art, happiness

Yesterday I was at doing some testing at British Council, talking to a student waxed extensively on the topic of her 3 younger sisters. With gleaming eyes she told me how close they all were and how they shared everything, and then said this little gem: "What's the point of having good news if you don't have sisters to tell it to?" I thought that was just lovely.

It made me think about my family, since I'm also the oldest of 4 sisters. Of course we have some boys thrown in there and the age range is much larger, but I could identify with her love for her sisters. When I'm home every summer I try to make sure I make good use of my sister-bonding time, and this past July my sisters and I worked on a fun project together. I got the idea for it while visiting friends Rene and Nathalia earlier during the 4th, seeing some really cute artwork they had in their kitchen. I asked if I could take a picture of it, and Rene told me where I could order the prints online, but I shook my head laughing why spend money on art like that when you have artistic sisters??

Bad quality pictures, but you get the idea.

All four of us sisters were involved to some degree, but Isabel ended up doing most of the work. She drew and wrote, and I directed and painted. Maria helped a lot with pre-production and Tessie with giving tips on watercolor techniques, plus supplying the paper and paints! I had never really worked with watercolors before and it was lots of fun to learn. We worked on the paintings bit by bit the whole time I was home. It was a nice project and I know these paintings will hang on my walls for a long time to come, reminding me of a special time spent with my sisterlies.

Last week I finally went to go get them framed, and a few days ago I picked them up, absolutely delighted with the results:

Super cute. Now I just need to get a kitchen big enough to hang them all in!! 

Here's a big thanks to Rene and Nathalia, Tessie and Bia, and most of all
 thanks Isa!!


  1. Oh my goodness, now I *must* have a set like this... for whenever I do have a kitchen again! (Last night I dreamed we bought an awful, dark, smelly house, in a far away location, far from all and anywhere.... and were trying to "undo" he deal... I woke up so relieved it was all a dream!)

    1. Haha, well my kitchen is definitely smaller than yours! But maybe next summer we can make a few more sets.... a Gus and Emily gift perhaps??

  2. Those would look good in your living room, claud. Maybe in the table corner?

    1. Oh geez Al I just saw this! I agree! But the problem is hanging them up would involve drilling holes in our walls... and we have neither the drill nor the permission! :/