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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The beach house

Othman's family's beach "house" (read: little apartment in a nice complex) is a common destination for us on the weekends and during the summer. In August I felt like I was there almost every day! The complex is called La Alcazaba and they've had the apartment there since Othman was 16 or so. It's 20 minutes south of Casablanca and it's a wonderful place to enjoy the beach, being much less crowded and less dirty than the Casablanca beaches. 

When we lived with Othman's family we went there very often, taking long walks on the beach (so cliche, and so wonderful) and having fun cooking for ourselves. When my family was here last month we spent a couple of nice days there, eating and exploring the beach. My mom felt right at home, having grown up on the opposite side of the Atlantic in Rio, and my sisters loved the unusual experience of being at the beach! 

This happens quite often on the way there. The
white buildings in the background are Acazaba!

A week ago we spent a quiet Sunday afternoon here with Othman's parents and uncle. It was a nice break from school and I took the opportunity to get some photos with the old iPhone my sister Isabel gave me this summer. (She got an upgrade and her iPhone 4 was hanging around doing nothing, so I took it, even if I can't unlock and use it here, it can be useful in situations like this!)

My vantage point while reading on the patio.

Heading up the the beach.

I can't go to the little "cafe" anymore without having
a major dose of nostalgia upon seeing the tables I sat
at with my parents, aunts, uncle and Alli!

I've often talked with my friends here who grew up on the beach, and it's interesting how our childhoods play such a vital role in our preferences. I like the beach, but it doesn't speak to me the way the rolling hills, small forests and plains like those I grew up in in Midwest America do. Many of those I've met here have the opposite feelings, and only feel really at peace and comfortable by the ocean. (I for one find it almost frustrating-- you can see so far but you only have access to the edge!) 

Now that school has started the place is deserted but for a few.
There were a couple horseback riders to keep us company though!

These are the buoys they use to mark off the "safe to swim" area.

The colors and architecture are really lovely, and even when it's full to the brim in summertime, I still find it a nice place to be, and very different from where we are every day.

At the cafe-- the ocean on one side, this view on the other.

I feel extremely privileged to have married into a family that has assets like a beach house, even if I sometimes feel like a snob when mentioning it. The fact of the matter is that Moroccans often tie up their money in real estate since it's a safe and good investment here, so having a second or third home is very common among those who "have". Usually I'm able to get over my guilt and enjoy my luck!


  1. Oh wow these are wonderful photos. And the cafe is the one where I, Brazilian moi, thought I'd have a cold beer, of course! There is, at any stage in life, a wonderful calming and soothing feeling about looking out to the sea...

  2. I caught a wave of nostalgia on your "heading up to the beach" pic. So happy I got to be there with you!