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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

I finally found time this weekend to put up our little baby Christmas tree! I think we'll need a larger one in future Christmases... it's getting to be too small for the ornaments I want to put on it! There's not tons of Christmas-y stuff that I get exposed to here, so forgive this rather-too-enthusiastic picture post. 


and after!

On the 6th my friend Elena picked me up and took me to an annual Christmas fair organized by an English-speaking charitable group, and while most items were a bit above my budget I got some nice ornaments, these included. I had a lovely time there with her three kids and her mom, even if conversation was hard since their main language at home is Russian, and her mom doesn't speak anything else! In the car on the way there her mom was reciting some of the English rhymes she learned in class at school in Russia long ago. It was so fun to hear them and see how English was taught in the USSR! I had a really lovely time with all of them and am so happy I got to go.

I seriously love these little girls! They'e so cute!

And so is this lil guy, right?

We have shiny walls.

The only pinecones I've ever seen in Morocco are these, spray-painted silver and bought in a pack of 12 from GiFi, a French store that's a cross between a dollar store and a  that Target doesn't have clothes or food. In the mountainous regions I'm sure there must be trees that have pinecones, but I don't remember ever seeing one!

A couple days ago, after I took the initial pictures, some little happy guests arrived under our tree!

And I finally just got the right tape to put our stockings up!

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