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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Pap!

Today my big brother turns 28! We live on different continents and so we can't have joint birthday parties anymore like we did when we were little,but at least I can celebrate here! 

At home Patrick is a silly, fun presence, always goofing around and getting his siblings to do the same!

Dec 2014, South Dakota

He was even able to start a music-less dance parties in my in-laws' backyard.

Aug 2014, Casablanca

He's also super generous, like when he took Isa and me out to probably the fanciest restaurant either of us poor lil sisters have even been to!

July 2014, Chicago

He and I have shared the best of friends.

August 2013, South Dakota, with friends Emily and Sarah

And we even went to the same university, sharing sibling lunches, a car, care packages, and of course always giving each other a hard time.

April 2009, Notre Dame

When we were all younger and would go on trips to Brazil, my dad and Patrick would often join us later, having to attend school and work. The day they arrived was always one of the best.

December 2006, Rio de Janeiro 

He has always been the leader we all follow!

July 1997, Indiana

And it's thanks to him and all the other boys I was surrounded by as a kid that I am as tough as I am now. 

1994, Texas, with cousins John Michael and Jacob

We don't see each other often, but when we do, we always have a wonderful time together, usually as he talks my ear off explaining something to me that I probably never knew existed. But it's fun.

Maybe 1995, Kansas
Thanks big bro for being such a good one! Here's hoping that year 28 brings you lots of happiness! 

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  1. Que linda homenagem!! Happy birthday Patrick and congratulations on being such a good brother! Hehe I remember so much of you all when we were kids back here in Brazil and at sítio! I love and miss you so much! 🎂