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Sunday, May 10, 2015

My one-day-late birthday present

Yesterday I had the loveliest of birthdays! Happy and well behaved students, lots of sun and nice weather, a nice lunch with hubby plus a new dress, and wonderful friends coming over in the evening made for a great day, and I really couldn't have asked for more! I was busy and away from Facebook/the computer the whole day, and sporadically checking up on my email, newsfeed, my mom's and sister Maria's blogs, as well as messages on my phone made my heart feel so full. 

If it was my birthday yesterday, than that means it's my one-day-late-birthday-present's birthday today!! She takes the form of this superwoman:

When I was five I had a big brother and two little brothers, and desperately wanted a sister. When, the day after I turned six years old this beauty was born, I was overjoyed!

The six years between us used to feel like a huge gulf, but steadily as time goes by it has become more and more insignificant, and in many ways Isa is my little-big sister. Not only is she taller than me, but her maturity, wisdom and grace pretty much consistently outrank mine! Back in the day we used to say she was 3 going on 30, the way she would watch out for her clueless big brothers Thomas and Gus, stopping them from riding their tricycles out in the street! That good common sense and loving care for others has stayed with her and has only grown. She's a rock, but certainly the prettiest and most charming one I've ever met!

Though we often joke about how she's different from the others in our family, it's in only good ways, and she completes us sisterlies!

I wish for you the happiest of days my lovely sister, and that this year of being 20 brings you bountiful joy, love, strength, and hope. I love you!!


  1. Claudia, Superwoman is a Youtuber. That's a Wonder Woman apron.
    I thought you knew better! D':

    1. Pretty sure Superwoman was a cartoon character before she was a Youtuber... ;D

  2. It still doesn't change the fact that Isa is wearing a Wonder Woman apron.