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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Today is one of those rare, rare days that insists on two separate blog posts, because not only is the the birthday of my lovely wonderful sister, as seen below, but it's also Mother's Day! So today is the day to celebrate the woman who gave birth to two girls six years and one day apart, not to mention FIVE other children.

With all the offspring, plus a future daughter-in-law!

Just last night I was having a chat with some girlfriends who were over, and we were discussing motherhood. I made the comment that it seems like the first child a couple has is in many ways a selfish act. The child is for them, the couple. The subsequent children, however, especially if they're born close together, are very unselfish gifts. My siblings are the most wonderful gift my parents could ever give me. I told my friends, all of whom come from small families, how I was so glad my parents were open to having so many children, and how much less rich our family would be if they had stopped after two, three, or even five! 

We were cuties, sure, but how different our family would be if Isabel was still the baby!

The conversation meandered a bit, until we landed on the subject of how much moms sacrifice for their kids. My mom is finally, now that her youngest kid is 14, getting a bit of a life for herself. She just taught a Brazilian cooking class at a local supermarket that was a huge hit, and has been more active in publishing articles and various small books in recent years. This past year she has taken up exercising daily, something she never had time to do before as a homeschooling mother of seven, and is looking more amazing each time I see a picture of her. She even has lots of friends that are not just the moms of our friends! After such a long time of sacrificing everything for us, including never having a career though she has a Master's degree, she can finally take more time for herself, and its a wonderful thing to see. It really highlights how much she has done for her kids. We sure are lucky.

At the cooking class.
Thank you for everything mom, and Happy Mother's Day.  I can only hope to someday be as half a good mother as you are someday. If I get even there, I'll be content.  

I've also got three more Mother's Day shout outs! The first goes to all of my friends who have had babies in the past couple years and are experiencing their first or second Mother's Days. All my respect and love goes out to you today!

The second goes to my mother-in-law. Even if it's not the French Mother's Day, which will happen on the last Sunday of May, I want to take this moment to thank her for going out of her way in so many instances to help me get settled in Morocco. At large Berrada family functions when I'm usually feeling rather overwhelmed she makes a point to guide me through what I'm expected to say or do, what is going on, and who everyone is! Let me say it is much appreciated. Merci d'√™tre une belle-mere tellement attentionn√©e!

The last is for my wonderful grandmother, who has always been someone I could rely on for strength, fairness, and unconditional love. She and I have only grown closer as I've grown up, and I am so grateful for that! I love and am truly grateful for our long phone chats, and even more our not-so-long (because they're generally interrupted!) talks in person! 

Lots of love and gratitude to you all today!

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  1. Heartwarming! Obrigada por esse lindo posting, Claudinha!