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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Using our Christmas gifts!

Othman and I were very lucky last month to get some wonderful Christmas gifts, from other people and from each other, and we're so very thankful. Here's a blog post to highlight just a few of them.

A few days after Christmas we went outside for Othman to test out his new remote controlled car! Alyssa had so much fun, chasing it, being chased by it, driving it, and even being a part of the car's obstacle course! It was fun for everyone.

At work my H2O intake has dramatically increased thanks to this gift from Jess and Leny! I share an office with four other teacherswe make up the student support team of the elementary schooland this addition to our office has been very welcome.

When in France we received a big package from my family in the US for Christmas, and included for O were this tee-shirt from my mom (soon to make another appearance in another post) and a weekend bag from my big brother! Othman went on a 2-day business trip last week, and will be taking 2-3 day trips throughout the next few months for a new project at work, and this bag is absolutely perfect for them and super classy too.

Another welcome gift were these tea accessories (toast not included). Jessika got me some lovely loose-leaf Earl Grey and this super fun infuser and spoon which I've loved using!

But, in my opinion, the best present of the year had to be this one:

Othman's gift to me was a Fitbit Charge HR and I LOVE it. During the two weeks that I was healthy since I got it (yes you read that right; January hasn't been kind to me) I hit my 10,000 step mark 6 out of 7 days, and it even inspired me to join a gym with two friends, and we go three times a week now! (Well, not this past week, as I'm down with the flu, but I will be sticking to that when possible! Having two friends to make it social, and the fact that it's literally 50 steps from my house helps a lot, hehe.) 2016 is my year to get healthier, fitter, and start new good habits. What a good present to help me towards that!

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