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Thursday, December 26, 2013

A walk in St. Céré, Christmas afternoon

Photo report part 2-- the afternoon.

Emma drilling me on French vocab-- "C'est LE voiture ou LA voiture?"

The ponies went everywhere!

French signs can be so cute.

St. Céré is a village about 2 hours northeast of Toulouse
in Southern-central France. it has about 3000 inhabitants 
and it's super cute and very old!

They're such cuties!
Alyssa looking like she's up to no good!

There's a castle-- St. Laurent des Tours-- which overlooks the town.

Our wonderful hosts! Jessika, Leny, and the girls.

And the boys...

I was surprised at how nice the town is. Not at all like the 
little midwestern towns I'm used to!


This is the house where Othman's mom grew up. 
Her sister still lives there!
Here's where we are! More towards the northwest you can see Angers, 
where Othman and I met. The last time he came to St. Céré was the
 Christmas before we met (February 2010).