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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wedding pictures!

My wonderful friend Emily made a lovely album of our wedding photos. I'm so lucky to have such a good friend who happens to be so talented. I was going to make an album of my own, but since she already did the work, now I'm wondering why. ;D

Anyway take a look, and here are a few more I had to include.

Best maid of honor ever, obvi! (That's for you Isa... hehehe)

She's even became a makeup expert (thanks Youtube!) just for the wedding. Awww.

This picture so adequately reflects my stressless wedding morning. =D

At the acreage.

Omar the bubble master.


Our would-be ring bearer. He was too cute to be good. ;D
For more pics of him and his adorable sis, check out their mom's blog.

Isn't she perfect??

Love this. And it was totally unposed too.

Taking wedding pictures is a tiring business!


  1. claudia! there is nothing about maria and me!!!:(

    1. But you girls were already so pretty in Emily's album! I was just adding some that she hadn't included, and of course she included you both. =] =]