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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas morning in St. Céré, France

We're in France right now for the holidays, staying with Othman's cousin and her little family and had a lovely Christmas yesterday. Here's a photo report, part 1. (The computer screen broke en route--the colors are all off--so I haven't edited any of the pictures at all, so sorry if some of the pictures are a bit dark, light etc).

Looks like Santa came!
First kiddo up on Christmas!
Waiting patiently for little sister to wake up!
Emma with her new "Emma" book!
And a board book for Alyssa!
Emma showing off her pony-in-a-purse that
Santa brought via my mom in South Dakota!
Jessika with the painting I made for her!
Alyssa with pony version 2.
Playing with their new tea set Santa brought from Morocco!
Beautiful sisters!
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