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Monday, August 4, 2014

...aaaaand we're back!

I'm back in Casa! We're getting ready for our Moroccan wedding and having fun with all the family and friends who are arriving for the party. Some highlights so far...

Playing with these lovely girls: 

Celebrating two birthdays (Othman's cousin and his sister Sarah) with a gorgeous day at the beach and a beautiful cake made by Othman's mom:

Snapping selfies with an old friend who's in town from Dubai! We had a wonderful lunch today and talked for hours. I'm so glad she's able to be here for the wedding too:

And of course, the best-- hanging out with this silly man of mine:

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  1. Loved it! My sister Tina (the aunt you haven't met yet) commented on some photos the other day on the phone with me: "A Claudia é linda!!"