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Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Moroccan Wedding

A year ago today this was happening:

One year of marriage down, and hopefully many, many more to go!

That was a year past, but just ten days ago on August 8th, Othman and I had our Moroccan wedding here in Casablanca, with many members of my family in attendance! Moroccan weddings are nothing like the Western church-and-white-dress affairs we're used to, so it was quite an experience for everyone. Here's a photo report. All photos, unless otherwise marked are courtesy of this lovely person:

Thanks Al.
Although we got married under Moroccan law last winter, having the party many months later is not abnormal here. It was held at his grandfather, Bassidi's villa. 

Yes those are bouquets floating in the pool! 

The little living room was turned into a bridal makeup suite!

One last hug before the big event.

 On his way up for a looong wait while I got ready!

All done up after two hours of being tugged this way and that, with my mama and mama-in-law!

The first few minutes of an entire night of smiling pretty for the cameras.

This picture gives a good representation of the overall feel of the night. (Note how Othman and I being mobbed by cameras. That never stopped for a minute. It was like being a celebrity for a night, which many people would adore, but Othman and I... aren't really those kind of people. Nevertheless we made it through and were able to enjoy ourselves!)

THIS may well be my favorite picture of the whole night! And yes I'm being carried around. Yes it was terrifying. Yes I had to smile the whole time. And yes these two goofballs helped out with that! Photo courtesy of Aunt Sue/Uncle Dave.


A few minutes laterthe mob has moved!

The event people really made the yard look beautiful, we were all really stunned. The only general complaint was about the headache-inducing, photo-tinting, flashing colored lights.

On our throne-like couch, taking a private moment to laugh at something or another. 

Time for henna! In Moroccan culture henna tattoos bring good fortune and happiness, so the bride always has henna done as part of the wedding. How much or how little is up to the individual. I got my right hand doneboth the back of it and the palm.

This is the henna tray. Although they only need a small bowl, syringe and a few kleenexes they turn that into a grand tray full of symbolic items, in true Moroccan fashion. The dates and eggs represent bounty and health. Normally it's the bride's family who is supposed to put the tray together, but that didn't happen here for obvious reasons.

I love this picture of my siblings who were there!!

The Braga-Henebrys in attendance.

Next dress! Traditionally brides wear seven different dresses throughout the night but we whittled it down to two Moroccan caftans and my white "Western" dress from the wedding last year. It's very common nowadays for brides to cut back on the number of dresses. Oh, and yes that is a red carpet we're walking down. Picture courtesy of Aunt Sue's phone.

A lovely pic of my parents sitting down for dinner. Nice shot Alli!

The first course, pastillia, being enjoyed by my cousin, brother and uncle. It's a seafood pie for lack of a better explanation—tastes better than it sounds, trust me!

An action shot of us enjoying the second courseroasts of slow-cooked beef with a dried fruits glaze. Think dried apricots, figs, prunes, almonds and honey. Easily my favorite Moroccan tagine.

Bassidi getting some dessert. He's just wonderful, we all really love him. He is the oldest in his family, Othman's dad (in the tie) is his oldest son, and Othman is HIS oldest son. All reasons why this wedding was a big deal! 

With my big bro, who traveled a long, long way at an inconvenient time, and for a very short couple days just to be with us! I was so glad he came.

Three English teachersa Moroccan, an American/Brazilian and a Slovakian! Livia traveled all the way from Dubai to be with us! Good friends are such wonderful gifts.

In my last dress of the night, getting ready to cut the cake.

The Bride with her family! 2 of my 3 brothers, 2 of my 3 sisters, parents, and my aunt, uncle, cousin and "another daughter" of theirsa former exchange student from Germany who we were happy to have with us! Only missing my aunt Tereza in the picture who also came for a wonderful visit. Being the only member of the family who spoke French she was probably off chatting with someone during this picture!

With my pretty pretty sisters.

Does the exhaustion show much?

Being tired wasn't so bad though, not with this waiting for us!!


  1. Yikes, fabulous post and I finally get to see the nice hotel room! Great job, Alli!

  2. And I was truly terrified. I has not one doubt that the dancing bride carriers would drop you!

  3. Puxa, que MÁXIMO, não tinha visto ainda, estou muito feliz, Claudia, que lindo tudo isso!! Parabéns a todos e TODA FELICIDADE DO MUNDO pra vocês ! Tio Dudu

  4. How wonderful! Parabens Claudia e todos... lindo lindo lindo! Muitas alegrias sempre! beijos da prima Carol