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Monday, August 25, 2014

Bit and pieces of the fam's visit

After the celebrity status Othman and I enjoyed at the wedding, we were both thoroughly camera-ed out, so I didn't really take any pictures for a week or so... including the whole time my fam was here. Silly silly. So here are some shots from my phone, but stolen mostly from my mom's facebook of their visit! Thanks mom

The day after the wedding:

The day after the wedding there was a  big "lunch" for the
close  family and the out-of-town guests at the Berrada's beach
house. Most "lunches" ended up being around 5pm if not later,
much to the amusement of the American and French  visitors!

Boys at the beach! (Uncle Dave, my brother Thomas, Othman's cousin Kamal
and of course Othman. Thomas wasn't aware of the dress code it seems.)

Day 2 after the wedding: back to the beach house for a "lunch" of grilled sardines! They were a hit at the time, but left most of the Americans feeling queasy later on.

Heading up to see the sun set over the beach after "lunch".

My daddy and his sister!

I love my Alli. =]

Day 3 after the wedding was a laze-about-and-get-henna day at the Berrada's. I think everyone needed and appreciated the rest, especially due to the many upset tummies. See here for more on that.

On day 4 we took the family to Habbous, a market full of fun stuff to buy!! They had a great time and bought oodles of stuff, but we were all too busy shopping to take many pics.

At the olive/honey market.

Trying to keep track of everyone's purchases! I was the
pointer-outer and holder of stuff, Othman was the negotiator.

After the market we went to Bassidi's (Othman's grandpa) house for lunch.

We ate good food and everyone had a nice time talking!

Then we stopped by our apartment to show everyone!
As was noted, there have probably never been so many
people at once inside our little place. I loved showing it
off though, so now they can picture where I blog from!
Othman was sweet, as usual, and bought me this cute
little fishy plate from the market! Thanks lovey. 

My family's last day in Morocco:

Dad just chillin at the Berrada's, not wanting to go to...

Morocco Mall! We forgave him. ;D

We knew the girls would like the big aquarium it has in the middle.

Othman and I skipped out early on the mall trip to
take Tia Tete to the airport. We were so happy she
came! Here we are, with the King of Morocco! 

Back to the house for a couscous lunch!

After lunch it was wedding present time! We even had two little excited
elves to help us unwrap. Then it was time for my family to pack! They only
had to be at the airport around midnight so the pace of the day was leisurely.

In the car on the way to the airport, sad Claud, sad Tess,
but Bia was just being skeptical as usual.

More sorrow!

Ok that's a bit more normal.

Goodbye for now! Thanks for coming!!


  1. It is nice to read your blog and put places and thing sin their proper place in my mind, he hee!

    1. Yea I know it was just a big whirwind for all of you! I had to do some calculating to figure out the exact schedule though, but the clothes in the pictures helped. ;D