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Thursday, August 28, 2014

A very amusing park!

Othman and I live in an apartment complex that borders a mini theme park on one end. It's called Loupiland and though we've seen gobs of families go in and out of it throughout the years we never had a reason to go. The day before Othman's cousin Jessika and her family went back to France, Othman and I took Leny and the girls there for one last fun afternoon. We weren't sure what to expect, and went in with crossed fingers.

These chairs reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. 
Trying out the first ride...

Off to a good start!

Knowing it was going to be pretty cheap (for a whole afternoon including cotton candy, popcorn, coffee for the adults, tons of rides for the girls and a few for the grown ups too, we spent about 250dh-- only about $30!) we weren't sure about the cleanliness of the park, how new/safe/fun the rides would be, the employees, etc. Luckily we were all really pleasantly surprised! It was well staffed and the workers were attentive and kind, and easy to find. Though not everything was new, it was all clean and working well. You pay for the rides with a little credit card that you buy (for 5dh-- about 60 cents) fill up at the entrance, and if the child wants an adult with her, if the ride allows for it, they don't charge for the adult! 

We were the only ones who wanted to go on the carousel
but the attendant was totally fine with charging us one
admission and starting up the ride just for the two of us!

This little train just went in smooth circles and was
perfect for the littler kids, mimicking the larger rides.

Emma, at 5, is absolutely fearless and loved the most wild rides, having way too much fun with them. At one point Alyssa decided she was brave enough to go on one with me next to her, but once it started up it was too much for her and she started screaming bloody murder. The attendant immediately noticed and stopped the ride, let her calm down and led us off before restarting it for everyone. I was really impressed by that. To be fair, it was a boxing-Kangaroo ride that was really bumpy and even I was a bit scared, and happy to get off with her!

The slide was super tall and really slippery! She loved it.

There were lots of these little rides you find in malls
and supermarkets, which were more up Alyssa's alley.
Rides/attractions not pictured include an obstacle-course playground, the harness-trampoline things that bounce really high, mini pedal boats on the water, lots of big animals to pose with, and much more! I had my telephoto lens on my camera so I got lots of nice up-close shots but wasn't able to get a pictures that give an overall feel to the park. Though it looks small on the outside it really is a perfect size, and is neither over nor under whelming!

This ride was one we could all enjoy!
She was ecstatic the whole time.

Us grown-ups had fun with the bumper cars (but there are also mini bumper cars just for kiddos!) and with some of the other rides too. Everything is geared towards kids ages about 3 to 9 or so, and there are varying levels of thrill so everyone can have fun.

I know this one is blurry but the expression on Emma's face, her hair flying
around like that and Othman's hands holding her make for such a sweet pic.
They're on one of those viking boat rides that go really far up in both directions.

There were animatronic dinosaurs and large animals throughout that could either be for photo ops, or you could pay a bit for their heads to move and for them to make noises!

Alyssa, dinosaur tamer!


Pretty pretty girl.

Well that's just the obvious thing to do to a dinosaur nose, right?

If you're in Casa and have kids under 10, I'd definitely recommend heading there for an afternoon or morning. Everyone will have fun and it'll be a half day well spent!

What a great afternoon! Happily tired at the end.


  1. Love the photos! Tessie misses the girls... Did you take videos?