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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Othman's big 3-0

Othman turns 30 today! We had his family over last night to celebrate, so of course as part of the preparations I asked him to buy some flowers for the house. But once he brought them home a realization made me giggle-- essentially he bought flowers for himself!

We prepared some nice little appetizers and got out a new tablecloth from the US!

Family dinner! Carrot soup, cucumber salad, mushroom risotto, mini meatloaves... we all ate well!

Cake time! He requested the blue buttercream icing, and it was harder to spread than I expected, so I made a Cookie Monster-esque cake!

We all joked that it either looked like his beard or his ever-disheveled hair.

Gifts from the family-- a new panini maker which he uses for sandwiches or to warm up bread on a daily basis, and winter gear for our Christmas trip to France!

Happiest of birthdays my love. I'm so thankful that I have you by my side every single day. Here's hoping that the next decade will be slightly less crazy, even more beautiful, and just as filled with love than the last!

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