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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Life has been happening lately, and blogging hasn't. So here are some random updates:

1. I was sick for about three weeks and am finally feeling back to normal as of yesterday. Yay! I was beginning to forget what it felt like to be well.

2. Thanks to our mini vacation in Marrakech a month ago I found out that eating a wheat-filled breakfast didn't kill me, so I started experimented with eating more wheat. After not observing any negative reactions, I talked to my allergist and she gave me a go-ahead! Thus this was duly sent to my mom and sisters yesterday, with the caption "Guess what I'm eating!".

Othman made the sandwich for me the night before, and it was such an easy lunch, and so, so yummy. He's certainly the more qualified sandwich artist, given that despite having worked at Subway earlier on in my college career, I hadn't made a sandwich since studying abroad in France 6 years ago! Eating it was pure joy.

3. Finally, today is a happy happy day in my life because it's my "friendiversary" with my lovely bestie, Alli. I loved seeing her this summer when she came and slept over for a night at my parent's house in Brookings, making us feel like teenagers again. Here's us last year at the beach outside of Casablanca (because yes she came all the way here for my Moroccan wedding):

She's actually at Notre Dame right now working towards her PhD in Philosophy, meaning she's pretty much a baller. Plus this just appeared on my newsfeed a few days ago:

Disembodied animals? Definitely a title that piques the curiosity! A sight better than disemboweled animals at any rate. :D Love you Al, happy anniversary!

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