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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Out for dinner!

A week ago today (I'm not the best at timely blogging) Othman and I went out to celebrate his birthday with friends. He had his choice of cuisine, and seeing as I can eat more wheat now he opted for Italian, which we hadn't gone out for in years. Luckily we have a bona fide Italian in our group of friends, so Gioia chose the restaurant, called Bacco e Venere (Bacchus and Venusthose Italians aren't bashful about their priorities!). The six of us had a really lovely evening celebrating Othman's birthday, good food, and great friends.

While we eat out, or in, with these two couples relatively often, we don't have many pictures of such occasions. I don't bother to bring my Canon to a meal out and we are't a smart-phone infused crowd. When we decided to document the night this time we chose Ahmed's phone as the one with the best camera, but the waiter still struggled a bit to get a clear image. This is the best one we got, but even though it's pixelated the happiness and friendship shines through!

So thankful on this Thanksgiving weekend for wonderful friends, who truly make our life a better one to live.

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